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:: Monday, March 27, 2006 ::

New blog for the updating of my Bell's Palsy & current events. This is the one for the colleagues who I don't want having this blog address.... (Yes, Rox you are the only one)

So keep in tune over here for just a while longer & then I'll come back to this one...

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:: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 ::
I seriously need to change my layout. Blech.

Ok. Well let's see. I hurt. Last Thursday was my most sore day. To be expected of course. Through the weekend I took some extra pain meds at night. Then Sunday I decided no more pain meds. I did ok. Not bad. I figured I could survive.

Yesterday I visited the PT for my Bell's Palsy. We are making vey slow improvements, but progress none the less. My eye is the best. They zap me with a direct current of a 9 volt. At the eye I can feel it all the way up into my hair line. That's interesting. I had to tell him to turn it way down. That vey same current next to my lips I can't feel at all, or just barely. It's really weird. They have to crank it up but still not as high as they'd like to go cause even though my lips & cheeks aren't feeling....the current goes straight through to my teeth and let me tell you...the nerves in my teeth are working just fine!

I also visited the chiropractor yesterday. He still can't even take x-rays of my neck & spine yet because I'm too sore. I thought I was doing pretty good. Until he started touching me. Ouch!! So he's hoping maybe tomorrow he'll finally be able to get x-rays.

Last night though I was in pain. Like flat on my back begging for the pain med which I caved & took to go into effect pain. Even with the pain meds, I was still in pain. Woke up this morning, still quite uncomfortable. So I took half a pain pill. (yes I have problems taking drugs! Hate 'em) I'd like to know why all of a sudden it's hitting. Hello? We are nearly at 1 week later. Why now?

I dunno. I don't like it though.
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:: Friday, March 17, 2006 ::
One munched up car:

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:: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 ::
But wait-it gets better still...

I totalled my car today. That's right. So. I have Bell's Palsy, which can be brought on by a cold &/or aggrivated by it. A horrible cold has been going around my work area. I've been one of the last to sucumb to it. Alas yesterday eve, sore throat. Fine. I go to work today, am not feeling good so decide to call it a day & take my occurrence. July of last year was the last time I was out sick.

I still have PT to go to though. So I go to PT....my case is moderat to severe, not exactly what I was expecting to hear but (shrugs), it is what it is & as long as I'm making forward progress, however small, I'm happy.

I leave PT & merge onto the freeway. Some yahoo in front of me in the lane next to be decides he needs in right now. He pulls in, scrunching us up. Brake lights come on, I swerve to try & avoid the collision, *Bob's your uncle*. I managed to t-bone a Durango, go head first into the cement wall, do a couple of 360's & then go rear end into the wall. Not necesarily in that order either. To be honest, I don't really know the exact series. After the first contact, and no control, I just menatlly said "fuck it, I'm screwed" and relaxed & waited for the ride to end. I'm thankful I was able to relax a bit cause I think that made things better.

Anyway, thankfully, the other driver had just a bit of damage to his passenger side, no injuries. I am already getting sore. My right side neck, a bit in the shoulder, when I cough my chest hurts (probably from the seatbelt). OH!!! Did I mention my airback didn't deploy?? Um.....I don't know, 3 impacts, at least 1 maybe 2 head on, I would think it might have failed it's function? I'm no automaker just saying though....

So let's recap. I have half of my face that works, I have a cold which aggrivates that & then get into an accident.

"That'll do donkey, that'll do."
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:: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 ::
My Bell's Palsy is the same. No discernible improvement as far as I can tell. In fact, my friends like to point out when it seems worse. That's nice.... so then I'm stressing about stressing cause it makes it worse. Good lord. So now I just shrug & say it is what it is.


My kids are going around telling people "Mom has a funny face" hahaha, that would be because the first night I stood in the bathroom was when they were both brushing their teeth. I stood there trying to do different things to see what I looked like. I started laughing, they asked why, I said .... riiiiight....I said "Mommy has a funny face".

I have my first physical therapy today. This'll be interesting...
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I'm sure I've griped about this before, but here we go again. I sent out 30 invites to a baby shower I'm throwing this weekend & heard back from 6.

It is so irritating!!! 20+ unaccounted for. I have a few choices:

1) Take a bunch of my time to track down their phone #'s & call everyone who didn't respond.
2) Only account for those who responded & smile sweetly at those who didn't & say, sorry, don't have enough chairs, or food or party favors because you didn't RSVP...
3) Just count on them anyway & take the financial hit when they don't show.

None of those options are very pleasing. How rude how rude how rude!!!!
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:: Friday, March 10, 2006 ::
Bell's Palsy:

So yesterday I'm minding my own business in the morning. Not talking a whole lot just plugging away at my work. A bit later I meet up with my girlfriend & we are talking & laughing. At one point I'm laughing really hard & something sooo doesn't feel right. I ask her, does my face look funny cause it feels weird. She's like, yeah, half of it's not moving. Immediately I'm thinking, hey.....isn't that a sign of a stroke when a persons face freezes? As funny as this sounds, I really did do a quick mental check of the rest of me. Other than my face I felt fine.

So I call the Dr. I get the exchange, I explain to them whats going on they immediately ask if I have called 911. I say nope. They patch me immediately through to the Dr's office & nurse goes & gets her. She asks my age, 32. High BP? Not even close. She says you need to come in, be here at 1:30. I'm like, if we've ruled out a stroke...do I really need to come in? YES!!

Agh. Fine!

I have Bell's Palsy. Thankfully (so far) a mild case. Regardless-the right side of my face looks like I had a stroke. I can shut my right eye but it takes so much concentrated effort to get it to a mere slit. Meanwhile my other eye has all but disappeared it's being blinked so hard. So long story short, I have to mannually close my right eye with my fingers. The Dr told my husband not to be alarmed if when we are sleeping he sees my eye open. (EWE!!!) Just make sure I keep them from getting dry. Last night I had to use the position of the pillow to make my eye close.

This morning I woke up & my face was worse (which the Dr said may happen). Yesterday at least it wasn't noticable uless I was laughing. Today, I woke up & my speech was effected. My right eye was lower than my left...it was way more noticable....

I still went to work. I said I don't mind going to work, however, if I start drooling...that's when I draw the line & go home. It is a symptom/side effect.

So. I'm on meds. Lots of meds. I have to go to physical therapy 3 times a week for 1 month.

Alas, don't feel bad for me...

I have laughed more in the last day than I have laughed in a long time. It's amazing how many jokes one can crack with this. It's great! Ok, let me just start out by saying, 1) I'm not in any pain 2) my life isn't threatened by this. So...why let it get me down right? What good will that do? Hey, if you know me, you can laugh with me, if you don't then (shrugs).

Ok. So a colleague of mine was eating breakfast & commenting on how she couldn't seem to keep it in her mouth & was spilling everywhere. I thanked her for her kind empathy pains. hehehe

I made a manager spit out her drink. She was telling me how it wasn't that noticable yaddy yaddy yadda, when I told her I can't even pucker to drink out of a straw like they told me to do. Well, just as I'm demonstrating my attempt at a pucker...which is quite hilarious... she happened to take a sip of coffee. Man I wish I had a camera to record that. I thought we both were gonna have to be picked up off the floor!

On & on all day the jokes just came to me. It was great. I'm sure you probably had to be there to fully appreciate them.

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:: Thursday, March 02, 2006 ::
Bon Jovi

I went to see Bon Jovi in concert last night.


It has been a while since I've been to a concert. First of all...no longer are the cigarette lighters used for slow songs...now it's peoples flip phones.


I also ran into a ton of people that I haven't seen in a while. Or, that I really didn't want to see. A few that I enjoyed seeing. By about the 3rd time seeing someone I hadn't expected I was pretty much braced for anything. Weird how that is. Back in 'the day' you hope, even expected to see people. These days though...I totally spaced that part of the concert scene.

The concert itself was very enjoyable. I had my trusty earplugs (yes I'm getting older.) He looked healthy. By that I mean he looked as though he doesn't succumb to the usual I'm-a-star-therefore-will-abuse-drugs BS. He looked, 100% natural & healthy. Then again, looks can be deceiving can't they? I certainly hope not.

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Chronicles of the Children:

-Dad to Missy at the dinner table: Put your feet under the table.
-Dad to Missy at the dinner table (again): Put your feet under the table.
-Dad to Missy at the dinner table (again): Put your feet under the table, how many times am I going to have to tell you??

-Missy to dad without missing a beat: Mmmmm, five.

-Mom, suddenly needed to shut the blinds so that Missy couldn't see me laugh


I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. The kids were playing quietly in the back. That should have been my first warning right there. After a while of them playing quietly I decided I should check on them. I heard running water which is always a bad sign. I walked into their bathroom & there was my daughter with one of those toy construction hats under the faucet…my son with this itty bitty pot under his faucet. They had over turned Bubba's toy bin, propped the back end up to that it was at an angle & were filling it with water. To what end we never found out. Thankfully…..it was a plastic bin with no cracks.
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Interview update:

So I had my day. I had my say. I laughed all the way....er...wow, that Dr. Seuss is getting to me.

I went in, sat down & they asked questions such as "Tell us about a time when you appraised Industrial Property". First one, ok...they have to ask. I explain I do not have real estate experience yadda yadda yadda.... Another question " When was the last time you negotiated a lease"

I really felt like saying, did you see anywhere on my resume anything that might remotely indicate to you that I have any real estate experience??? Furthermore, if you want me to sit here & grasp at stupid straws & sound like an idiot...I'm not your girl....

AAhhh, but then my fellow readers... (all 2 of you)... it turned around. They asked if I had any experience with typing up long papers. Why yes, yes I do. Being a psych major it was common to have 10-20 page reports. I got to where I could do them with relative ease. Do I have experience with statistical analysis. Again, psych major, we love stats.

Blah blah blah. All in all, I didn't feel like it was a good interview because of the questions I couldn't answer.... I wrote it off.

Later that eve, said 'friend' who recommended I apply & thoroughly humble myself to the interviewing process says they usually narrow it down to 7 & then call you back for another interview. I thought to myself...good Lord please don't put me through that torture again. I don't have the knowledge they are looking for, why would I continue the torture??

One week later I get what was supposed to be my Dear John letter. Nooooooo, my husband reads it to me ( I was still at my current job )

Congratulations!! You have passed the oral examination & are now (at this point I'm banging my head against the table thinking shit, shit, shit, I have to go in for another interview) eligible for hire. You are # 17, we will contact you should we get that far ...

hahahaha, or something along those lines. Ok, I passed. On one hand, I'm thinking how is that even possible? On the other hand I'm like....17?? # 17?? That sucks!!

No...I'm not competitive. Needless to say, I haven't heard from them. Gee...can't figure out why not.
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